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Manage web browser settings, customize IE, guard IE settings.

IEGuardian allows you to customize Internet Explorer (IE), guard your IE settings against changes and block those annoying pop-up windows from appearing.

This is the tool you need to retain and manage your web browser settings and to alert you of any changes made to them.

Do you share your computer with someone else?. If so then IEGuardian can protect and guard your browser settings against changes.

It allows you to disable web browser settings so that they cannot be changed.
Restrict access to menu items, toolbar features, and button options.
Prevent others from editing your Favorite list.
Disable Internet Options changes, such as home page, Dial-up or LAN setting, connection settings, History, Advanced setting and many others.

You can use IEGuardian to prevent any one from deleting Cookies, clearing the web site History list or deleting the Temporary Internet Files. This is useful if you wish to monitor what sites were visited.
In addition, you can use the program to prevent the download and saving of files.

Have your ever wanted to change your IE logo? Well now you can easily change both the static and animated logo, you can even remove ISP specific branding.

One of the coolest feature is the ability to restore your settings to a known safe state, this protects you from malicious or other unintentional changes.

Best of all, it eliminates those pesky pop-up windows.


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* 100% Clean: No Viruses, No Spyware, No Adware.
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* Free technical supports within 24 hours (Contact us at support@soft29.com)

What's new

  • Restrict ability to download files
  • Improved popup blocking feature
  • Terminate malicious running applications/programs
  • Easy removal of urls from your favorites
  • Removal of suspicious programs from your automatic startup group
  • Removal of adware such as Huntbar

Key Features

  • Customize
    Startup options, toolbar, menus & pictures and the page navigation sound.
    Specify the directory that web pages and downloaded files are saved.
  • Privacy Protection
    Disable changes to History Settings. Prevent any changes to Temporary Internet Files and Temporary File Settings.
  • Remove ISP specific branding
    Change your window title bar text, static logo and spinning/animated logo (throbber) in Internet Explorer.
  • File Download Restrictions
    Disable the option of selecting a download directory or downloading of any files on web pages.
  • Plug-ins Support
    Delete Cookies, Delete, organize your Favorites, Startup Menu Cleanup, Remove Huntbar (spyware), Terminate running applications and programs.
  • Protection
    Show all setting changes that occurred, whether malicious or otherwise.
    Protect Internet Explorer configuration.
    Save all settings for later restore.
    Block popup windows.
  • Tools
    One click access to Internet Options, Organize Favorites, Search For Files or Folders, Close all Open IE Windows.
    Toolbar and Menu Restrictions
    Disable the Tools / Internet Options menu and main menu options.
    Hide the Favorites menu or toolbars. Prevent toolbar changes.
  • Internet Explorer Restrictions
    Prevent changes to Zones, Wallet, Certificate, Security, Ratings, Calendar, Contacts, Profiles settings.
    Restrict access to Internet options, General, Security, Content, Connections, Programs and Advanced tab.
    Prevent changes to Home page, Color, Font, Language, Accessibility settings.
    Disable right-click context menu.
    Prevent changes to Connection Wizard, Automatic configuration, proxy and connection settings.
    Disable the option of closing Internet Explorer.
    Prevent changes to default browser check settings, messaging, reset web settings.
    Prevent changes to Dial-up and Network settings.


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