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The Advanced Internet Bookmark Manager for Internet Explorer Web Browsers.

Manage those Internet bookmarks with greater ease and flexibility than ever before. Slidemarks, the Advanced Internet Bookmark Manager for Internet Explorer Web Browsers.

All things Vanilla - Internet browsers by nature have the need to remain as light weight as possible - for this reason alone most advances through each successive browser update has primarily been to the browser engine as opposed to the interface itself. Lets face it, there is only so much reworking can be made to the search, backward, forward, refresh features, and if its not broken then why even try to mend it?

All things not Vanilla - The one area that Slidemarks has aimed at advancing is the interface between user and selection of sites (bookmark interface); after all, its one of the most used functions we take for granted. The browser developers deliberately keep the internal system as functional and simplistic as possible.. so there is much scope for improvement.

In designing Slidemarks we made certain that we wanted to be able to speed the whole "selection, finding, adding, managing" process up as much as possible. It was also important to wrap up all these features within an interface that blends seamlessly into your working environment. We feel this has been achieved and hope that you'll enjoy the results. Of course, we couldn't just leave it there.. we had to go and pack SM out with a whole range of useful extras that are directly aimed to making your surfing life a little more effective, if not exciting.


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Key Features

  • Window slides in and out of screen only when required/activated
  • Snap Slidemarks to edge of screen for easy access
  • Related Links helps to find similar related links
  • Works with existing favorites (does not create separate Slidemarks specific bookmark files)
  • Advanced user Interface featuring "Floating-Buttons" for quick selection of commands
  • Multiple window displays with Switching Panels
  • Scratch Pad for storing of temporary bookmarks
  • Search window for locating specific bookmarks with search criteria
  • Live Links pulls as many links as possible from webpages
  • Quick Add feature for quickly adding browsed sites to list
  • Extensive bookmark management features for quickly adding and moving bookmarks
  • Arrange Internet Explorer Windows (Flat, Vertical, Horizontal, Tiled, Anchored)
  • Park/Anchor Slidemarks and Internet Explorer neatly together
  • Extensive Information (Rating, Visits, Description, Notes, Last Accessed, Created)
  • Check for updates through program


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