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Link Commander

Browser favorites and bookmarks are not enough to represent complex information exchange models of a human being. Link Commander is the unique fully automated bookmarks management solution that allows you surf the web easily!

Link Commander is a marvelous and innovative bookmark manager which facilitates the easy creation and maintenance of your Internet bookmark collections in a format which is browser-independent and enables the easy porting of bookmark collections from one computer to another.

The classic two-panel user interface even makes it possible to work with two bookmark collections at a time. Amazingly, current link descriptions can easily be retrieved from the original web pages. A flexible sorting system, combined with an incremental search facility provides you with quick access to the bookmarks you currently desire. The software monitors your browsing activity in real time when using any supported browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Firefox, Opera and others). It also monitors the clipboard for internet addresses, making the saving of desired links a snap!


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Key Features

  • Confirm the availability of links and search for duplicates with its sophisticated tools;
  • Synchronize your link collections with corresponding folders or with your Internet Explorer "Favorites" collection, thereby keeping your collections up-to-date;
  • Synchronization with your Internet Explorer "Favorites" can even be performed "on the fly";
  • Import or export your favorite bookmarks to your browser's native format or to standard HTML documents;
  • Protect folders and/or entire collections with a password;
  • Exchange bookmark collections with your friends and colleagues using Link Commander's easy email feature;
  • You can even browse the internet using Link Commander's built-in multi-page browser.

More Features

  • Save your favorite bookmarks forever!
    Link Commander will save your bookmarks independently of the web browser you use and the operating system installed on your computer. Its powerful backup system prevents your data from ever being lost or corrupted. Even when you change or update your computer, your favorite bookmarks will be safely preserved!
  • Always keep your favorite bookmarks immediately available!
    Link Commander makes it super-easy to transfer your bookmarks from one computer to another or to synchronize bookmark collections among numerous computers.
  • Conceal those sensitive bookmarks from prying eyes!
    Link Commander allows you to password-protect part or all of a bookmark collection. You can even share the same bookmark collection with a select group of others (for example, your family) without the fear that sensitive data will be compromised.
  • Manage discrete collections of bookmarks
    You can create an unlimited number of bookmarks and folders in your collection, arrange your bookmarks into several collections and use those collections only when you need them. Link Commander will help you to find and eliminate duplicates in your collections and confirm the current availability of bookmark targets.
  • Work comfortably and save time
    We did everything imaginable to make the task of managing bookmarks convenient:
    > A highly effective incremental bookmark search;
    > The prompt addition of web browser links;
    > The automatic synchronization of your collections with IE Favorites - these features and more conspire to make Link Commander the most indispensable and easy-to-use tool for the management of bookmark/links!
  • Saves you money!
    When you buy Link Commander, you're not just getting a powerful bookmark manager, but also a full-featured multi-page web browser you can use for viewing your bookmarks or for just surfing the Internet. Moreover, you only pay for Link Commander once, and once only, since our lifetime license policy grants you all future updates absolutely free of charge!


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