Cool Desk - Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows.
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Cool Desk

Powerful Virtual Desktop Manager
Create Own desktop icons
Create Own desktop wallpapers

Cool Desk is a virtual desktop manager which will create up to 9 virtual desktops allowing you to have different windows open on each of them. The virtual desktop manager window has a skinnable interface and allows you to switch from one virtual desktop to another with a single mouse click. You can easily minimize, maximize, close, move from one virtual desktop to another and even drop windows to the system tray using the dockable "Windows manager." Customizable hotkeys help you to conveniently manipulate your virtual desktops. Drag your favorite applications and shortcuts over a specific virtual desktop icon to open it there. Each virtual desktop can also have it's own wallpaper. Cool Desk also supports multilingual interfaces.

Turn your single desktop into nine with Cool Desk. Appearing in either vertical or horizontal toolbar form, Cool Desk lets you quickly switch between up to nine virtual desktops. Each virtual desktop manager shares the same system tray icons but may have different wallpapers and desktop icons. Change the appearance of Cool Desk with over a dozen attractive skins included with the program, or download more skins from our web site. Programs can be easily moved between desktops using the virtual desktop manager window. Other nice features allow you to set hotkeys for each virtual desktop, enable a transparent background for desktop icon text and keep the main window always on top.


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Key Features

  • You can create up to nine virtual desktops
  • Own desktop icons for each Virtual Desktop
  • Own desktop wallpapers for each Virtual Desktop Manager
  • Each Virtual Desktop could have it's own screen resolution
  • You can easy move windows from one Virtual Desktop to another with your mouse or hotkey
  • Desktop Manager window can be shown either vertical or horizontal position
  • Both "Desktop Manager" and "Windows Manager" can stay on top of other windows for fast access
  • You can specify transparent background for virtual desktop icons text
  • You can switch from one virtual desktop to another using hotkey
  • Also it is possible to switch from one virtual desktop to another using your mouse wheel or virtual desktop manager window
  • You can specify sticky windows which will present on any your virtual desktop
  • This virtual desktop manager has skinable interface so you select from a dozens of skins
  • Multilanguage support. Virtual Desktop Manager shows dialogs and menu using your language


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