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ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock

Replaces the regular system clock in taskbar with several time zones of your choosing. also allows you to synchronize your clocks with accurate online time-servers.

ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock displays the times for any amount of different time zones in place of the normal Windows clock or on desktop. It also allows you to synchronize your clocks with accurate online time-servers.

The program is very useful when you communicate with people in other parts of the globe: such as your school buddies or friends in other countries, your colleagues in remote offices or in the field, or the home-crowd while you are traveling. It also comes with a time calculator for easy time conversions between time zones.

ZoneTick uses graphical skins. This gives you the ability to customize your ZoneTick to fit any desktop style. On top of this, ZoneTick comes with a system of alarms. You can create any amount of alarms, which will either play a sound, display a message, launch an application, or open a web-page at the time of your choosing.

ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock is perfect for manual eBay sniping. You can display both local and eBay time (Pacific in military format with seconds) simultaneously.


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The ZoneTick World Time Zone Clock replaces the Windows system clock with a multiple time zone world clock. The options this utility offers include:

  • Simultaneous display of several clocks right in your taskbar.
  • Varied digital and analog skins. Digital skins are Winamp-compatible.
  • Online time synchronization over NTP with accurate atomic time servers.
  • The ability to set any amount of one-time and recurring alarms and toggle ZoneTick's action when alarms fire.
  • A calendar and a time converter for easy time calculations across time zones.
  • A prefix and tooltip for every clock that you can edit to display, for example, the name of your overseas contact, or business partner.
  • The ability to hide the clocks in your system tray in a menu.
  • A URL or program link of your choosing, on double-click (eg: display world/local weather, or show a news page).
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight saving time.

Key Features

  • ZoneTick replaces the regular system clock in taskbar with several time zones of your choosing.
  • You can label your clocks with strings like New York, London, Me, etc. for easy identification.
  • You can have up to 10 clocks in taskbar and up to 30 in tooltip.
  • ZoneTick works on desktop, too.
  • Clocks on desktop can be arranged in any order, such as a vertical or horizontal line or a more complex configuration. Clocks can be pinned together so that they become one object for easy dragging.
  • ZoneTick comes with a variety of digital and analog skins. "Standard System Clock" skin is included for users who got used to standard clock look.
  • You can configure ZoneTick to display all time zones in a tooltip to only one clock in taskbar. This way you see only one clock at all time and all others show up when mouse hovers over.
  • Automatic online time synchronization over NTP. Your clocks are always accurate.
  • Advanced alarm system to configure one-time or recurring alarms and reminders separately for each clock.
  • ZoneTick supports different date and time formats.
  • ZoneTick has a built-in calendar.
  • It comes with a time converter for easy scheduling of meetings and telephone calls across time zones.
  • Automatic adjustment to daylight saving changes where applicable.
  • Dynamic high-lighting of clock backgrounds depending on remote times.
  • Sound and skin packs are available.
  • ZoneTick is very easy to configure via an interactive world map.
  • ZoneTick comes with a rich city database from site. This database is modifiable by users via the site. Accuracy of time zone data is very high.
  • Uninstaller is included.


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