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DVD Player Morpher Gold

Powerful DVD player software which can edit the DVD, morph images and audio, burn DVD VCD, rip DVD, convert video and audio formats, make CD covers and labels.

DVD Player Morpher flawlessly plays, captures, morphs, and converts both audio and video outputs from movies, audio DVDs, SVCDs, VCDs, videos and music CDs.

DVD Player Morpher is an innovative movie player, playing all standard formats perfectly with various video and audio effects in real time. It allows you to add and mix exclusive movie and sound effects in real time to make your own movie clips, cartoons, documentaries, etc. More features are as follows:

Burn DVDs, VCDs and data CDs to create music collections or movies.
DVD and CD cover and label.
DVD to video, or between video formats.
audio from DVD, VCD and video files.
a DVD, morph one section or an entire movie and save it in video format. Edit DVD titles and subtitles.
still image or series of images and capture audio.
Erase DVDs and CDs. etc.


Order DVD Player Morpher Gold Only $69.95
Order DVD Player Morpher Only $39.95
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DVD Player Morpher Gold Key Features

  • Movie Player with Multiformat Playback
    Play movies in many video formats: DVD, SVCD, VCD, AVI, WMV, MPG, MOV, RAM, RM, DAT, MPEG, ASF, M2V, MP2, M2P
  • MP3 Player with Multiformat Playback
    Play audio in the following formats: MP3, MPA, WMA, ASX, WAV, M2A, AC3, RM
  • Easy Audio Capturing
    Capture audio output and save it under MP3, WAV, APE, AIF, WMA, NIST, or OGG formats
  • DVD Ripper and VCD to AVI Converter
    Convert a whole video or selected video areas to a new movie in AVI format. DVD, VCD, SVCD to AVI conversion supported
  • Effects Mixer
    Mix chosen effects to create unique video and audio effects and switch between effects to be applied
  • Fast DVD/CD Burner
    Make high quality DVD or VCD copies of your favorite movies
  • DVD/ CD Cover Editor
    Load images from your PC to design DVD and CD cover and label in minutes
  • Real-time Movie Morpher
    Morph one section of a movie or an entire clip with added effects and save the edited work under AVI format
  • Image Catcher
    Capture a movie scene or a series of video images and save the video captures under BMP, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF formats
  • Video Clip Maker
    Bookmark or save favorite scenes of movies or music moments with original quality
  • Advanced Title and Subtitle Editor
    Add DVD titles with the Advanced Title Editor and Subtitle Editor by adding text or importing AVT / SRT files to edit
  • A Huge Library of Real-Time Video and Audio Effects
    Apply many available video and audio effects in real time while playing music or video clips
  • DVD/CD Eraser
    Erase a rewritable DVD or CD using the CD Burner feature

Compare DVD Player Morpher

  DVD Player Gold DVD Player
Player Support DVD,SVCD & VCD Support DVD,SVCD & VCD
Video Effects 44 26
Audio Effects 45 22
Burner DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD, data disc DVD, VCD, SVCD, CD, data disc
Subtitle Editor 2 1
Cover Creator DVD, CD DVD, CD
Converter Unlimited support Supported Source: DVD, AVI, MPEG1
DVD Audio Extract Save in MP3, WAV, WMA, AIF, APE, AU, IRC, MP2, NIST, OGG Save as WAV
Image Capture Save in BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG Save as BMP
Download Download DVD Player Gold
Download DVD Player
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Order Now $39.95

DVD Player Morpher Gold More Features

  • Make Your PC a CinePlayer
    Play Hollywood DVD movies or VCDs in many ways to your different watching tastes with Dolby Digital sound
  • Improve Quality of a DVD
    Enhance color, brightness, contrast, voices or use filter for better movie enjoyment
  • Change Screenplay of a Movie
    Write your own subtitle, describe the actions the way you like
  • Make Cartoons, Movies, TV shows, etc.
    Capture frames of a DVD or video file and add video/audio effects to make your own movie clips. You will never miss any screens of action, romantic moment with series capture
  • Record Lively Moments
    Extract audio tracks from live concert DVDs and create personalized audio CDs or MP3s
  • Create a Photo Album of Your Favorite Artists
    Imagine that you’ve just attended a live gig of your favorite band and taken some pictures
  • Make a Vivid Video Diary
    Record your everyday routine or happy moments with digital camera and save as high quality AVI format.
  • Make an Actor Become Alien, Ghost, Priest, etc.
    Add audio effects to change voice of an actor or actress
  • Make a Documentary Movie
    Produce professional quality black and white video for documentary films



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