Creating a "virtual catalog" of documents as you access them..
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X2Net Recent Documents

Provides powerful features that allow you to manage, build and catalog all the documents you work with, into a virtual catalog.

X2Net Recent Documents is an application to replace and enhance the functionality of the "Documents Menu" on Windows 9x, ME, NT and Windows 2000, and the "My Recent Documents" menu on Windows XP Home and Professional's Start Menu.

Normally the sub-menu displayed by the "My Recent Documents" Menu, lists the last 15 document files that you have accessed, allowing any of these documents to be reopened simply by clicking on the name of the document.

Recent Documents is built into Windows Explorer and appears under My Computer as a ""disk drive" called "X2Net Recent Documents". As it is part of Windows Explorer, access to recent documents is handled exactly as if you were accessing normal files in Explorer, i.e., the icon views, detail views, properties and navigation is all as Explorer. You even have folders (System and Virtual) to group your documents into different views.

X2Net Recent Documents provides powerful features that allow you to manage, build and catalog all the documents you work with, into a virtual catalog. It automatically keeps track of the names and locations of documents and files as you work with them; without any additional effort on your part. Whenever you need to locate a document or file you can use Windows Explorer to find it quickly and simply.


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Key Features

  • Creating a "virtual catalog" of documents as you access them.
  • Group documents into groups of similar documents, regardless of where they are physically stored on your computer.
  • Quickly locate and open documents using this "virtual catalog".
  • Seamlessly integrated into Windows Explorer. No new application or interface to learn.
  • Access documents from your "virtual catalog" directly from within Windows Open dialogs.
  • Historically track and manage your documents, based on date accessed, parent application or user specified rules.


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X2Net Recent Documents



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