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RecoverPlus Pro - Photo Recovery

Photo Recovery recovers lost, deleted and formatted digital photos and files from all media types.

Lost your photos or files? Don't Panic. RecoverPlus Pro is your retrieval companion for all removable media, RecoverPlus restores better and more in less time. Reliable, fast and versatile. RecoverPlus Pro is designed especially for use on removable (digital) media, cameras and storage devices.

RecoverPlus Pro recovers lost, deleted and formatted digital photos and files from all media types. Just three mouse clicks away from recovering all your lost, deleted and (re)formatted photo's, cards or files on any removable media or digital camera connection and cards.

Award winning RecoverPlus supports all possible picture files and comes with over 40 predefined file types, data and Raw included.
Unique Learning Engine for adding new file types.
Hi-res images are made on the fly and displayed while recovering.
What you see is what you get. A good display means a good recovery. Save all in one go or pick your choice for saving.


Get Full Version Only $32.95  
Receive information electronically about registration code and downloading immediately after ordering! 30-day Money Back Guarantee and Free technial supports within 24 hours.

Key Features

  • Easy
    > ‘Scan’ your card, stick, drive, cd, dvd, digital camera connection, reader or anything with a drive letter.
    > Use ‘Save All’ for saving to the directory you want.
  • RecoverPlus recognizes what others do not
    Add more and new file types and improve common types with the unique learning engine TransPict Adaptive at no additional costs!
    For the utmost accuracy, even sub-types of the same file type are determined by using Fuzzy Logic.
    You have a full control over each file type you want to recover with the benefit of increased reliability and recovering speed.
    Using TransPict Adaptive, you are able to reclaim what other programs fail to recognize.
  • You get what you see
    What you will see in the resizable pre-view pane is the real image.
    RecoverPlus renders images from the whole file.
    The thumbnails in the lower part of the screen are also rendered from the whole picture.
    What you see is what you get.
  • Display your recovered photos full screen
    Full resizable screen for displaying at the format you want. Full screen display with just one click on the picture. Resizable thumbs.
    If available, Exif information is shown and the date and time of the files are reset to their original date and time of digitizing.
  • Open your file in Windows
    Double click and the file opens in the associated program. Right click and you will see all the specifications of the file.
  • In a hurry when disaster strikes?
    Press the ‘Backup’ button for saving the whole medium to your hard disk. You can deal with it later as if it was the original. Moreover, RecoverPlus caches all scanned files on disk until you save your files or make a new scan. Resume later if you want.
  • All drive connections supported
    The very accurate and fast recovering, enabled by the proprietary Recovery Engine, will surprise you. Scanning, detecting and recovering of files in one go is at least as fast as normal loading of files. Up to 15 MB/sec with a CF card.*
    Supported is any connection with a drive letter, like all readers, cameras, cards, sticks, CD/DVD, USB, PCMCIA, FireWire, etcetera.
    The only limitation in size is the free space on your system disk.
  • Undelete files or scan the whole media rescuing all lost files
    > Quick Search for searching previous deleted files. Unregistered fully functional.
    > Scan is the most preferred and quick thorough recovery, even on formatted media.
    > Deep Scan is for a comprehensive search and recovery on reformatted media with a new format.
    Whatever method you will use, files are never stored on the same medium.
    RecoverPlus cannot cause any additional loss of images or data.
  • Designed for removable media
    RecoverPlus is designed especially for use on removable (digital) media, cameras and storage devices. Therefore, using RecoverPlus on the system disk has some limitations.
  • Rescue more in less time
    TransPict RecoverPro handles your images and data with care and is able to rescue more in less time.

System Requirements

  • Windows XP/NT/2003/2000/ME/98
  • 128 megabytes of RAM (more recommended)
  • Hard drive or a removable media type for storage of retrieved files
  • Card reader when not having an assigned drive letter


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