Send large File quickly,connect direct File Sharing Http Server.
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Files Share Server (efilego)

Files sharing http server, send large files or attachment very fast, safely, no client software needed.

Files Share Server (efilego), A file share http server. Safely as p2p software, no client needed. You friend can download file from your computer by internet browser quickly.

This software is an easy&fast-send-files software that runs under Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP. When you want to send a large file, photos, images, programs, folders and a website etc. on your computer. It can send large files that e-mail program can't do. This software can make receiver visited your computer directly. Your computer will become a server. You just click one button. It will finish. You need not to wait for an attachment being sent via an email anymore.

Files Share Server is amazingly simple and user-friendly. After clicking the link to buy the software, you will be able to install and use the software within minutes!


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Key Features

  • Supports sharing files by resuming download and multithread download. (faster and faster)
  • Supports send file by multi security protect. download password and upload password)
  • Supports running sharing file server under 95/95/nt/2k/2003/xp. Client Os can be Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac , etc. as long as a internet browser is installed.
  • Supports share file for long file name and unicode filename or multibyte file name.
  • Supports send or upload any size of file.
  • Sends large files easily. It can solve the problem that e-mail's attachment has limited in volume. You can send the files as big as you want.
  • Make your computer became a server. The receiver obtains your computer's URL. He can download the files you want to send to him.
  • You can send all kinds of files include documents, photos, images, programs, folders and a website etc. You don't need enter an e-mail host to do this.
  • Easy to use. The interface is very convenient to use.
  • Runs on all Windows platforms.
  • The receiver can use an ordinary web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to accept your files.
  • The receiver can even use Linux or Mac Os to share files with you.


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