For magnetic recognition,optical character recognition systems.
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MICR E13B font

A special font that is used on bank checks and drafts to print MICR characters for magnetic recognition and optical character recognition systems.

MICR E13B font is a special font that is used on bank checks and drafts in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Panama, UK, and a few other countries to print MICR characters for magnetic recognition and optical character recognition systems. The MICR E13B font contains ten specially designed numeric characters 0 through 9, and the four special symbols: transit, amount, on-us, and dash. The MICR CMC-7 font is a special font that is used on bank checks in Mexico, France, Spain and most Spanish speaking countries.


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Key Features

  • Advanced precise design
    The font named IDAutomationMICR was created to precisely match each of the printer's pixels when printing at 300 dpi or 300 dpi multiple above that. This precise font pixel mapping makes use of our patent pending font technology. Using this precise font, it should no longer be necessary to calibrate the font to the printer or use different fonts on different printers, unless the printer is out of alignment. For printers that are out of alignment, additional fonts are provided (in the Additional Fonts folder) with a calibration tool.
  • Bank Check Design and Printing Software Included
    With the 2006 release of this product, IDAutomation now provides software that can be used to easily design and print bank checks in Windows. The software supports importing of graphic images for signatures and logos and has many powerful features such as VB scripting and database connectivity to CSV files, Excel, Access, Oracle and SQL Server.
  • MICR Print Specifications Included
    These specifications are a summary of the placement requirements obtained from the ABA (American Banker's Association).
  • Created from ANSI and ISO specifications
    IDAutomation's MICR E13B fonts were created according to ISO 1004:1995 and meet the ANSI X9.27-1995 specification for MICR E13B. Because they were created from the ISO specification, the fonts meet the E13-B specification for other countries as well such as Australian APCA Pub 3.3 and Canadian Payments Association Standard 006 Specification for MICR-Encoded Cheques. These fonts have been in use since 1998 in various check printing software programs and have been proven to pass the ABA banking standards in the USA for bank checks and paper based drafts. The IDAutomation MICR fonts have also been tested on several MICR readers and sorters including the UNISYS DP500 and the IBM 3890.
  • Security Fonts included
    These unique fonts allow a more secure method of printing names and amounts that help reduce forgery on bank checks.
  • Embedding Support
    The embedding support of our MICR fonts enables embedding in special PDF document applications such as Adobe Writer, Distiller, PDF Lib and FOP TTF Reader. This level of embedding also supports creation of OpenType and TrueDoc fonts for webpages.
  • Multiple Formats Provided
    When you purchase a license for this font, you will receive all versions in a single ZIP file. The manual is supplied in a file named "Readme.html" in the ZIP file.
  • Easy to use
    the following is sample code from Visual Basic that selects the MICR font and size.
    Printer.FontName = "MICR"
    Printer.CurrentX = 1500
    Printer.CurrentY = 3000
    Printer.FontSize = 12
    Printer.Print variable


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MICR E13B font



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