Crystal FTP - Top awarded FTP client for dummies and experts.
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Crystal FTP Pro

is a powerful and full featured FTP client for beginners and experts.

Crystal FTP Pro is a full featured FTP client for beginners and experts. Besides supporting all the standard FTP operations, it has some nice and cool features up its sleeve. Among those features is the multi-transfer-queue, which let you download up to 8 files at the same time while you can still browse the FTP site. You can even play the built-in Tetris game while downloading!. There are tons of other cool features packed into this piece of software, such as leech mode, folder compare, mp3 tagging, auto reconnect on kick, clipboard monitoring and the simple intuitive interface is also a nice feature in itself!

The state of the art user-interface used in Crystal FTP makes it possible for first time FTP users to be productive and transfer files over the Internet within minutes, and yet it satisfies FTP veterans with its highly configurable layout and easy access to advanced FTP tools. With the flexible Crystal FTP, you can accomplish all FTP jobs with success. No matter if its publishing a web page, downloading demos, software, MP3 files and images or transferring high volume files over an unstable connection. Crystal FTP does it all.


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Key Features

  • Top awarded FTP client for Microsoft Windows
  • Drag'n'drop user interface with XP theme support
  • Easy to get started with for first time FTP users
  • Superior tools for the advanced FTP administrator
  • Lightning fast file transfers and folder browsing
  • Order now and get free upgrades for lifetime!

More Features

  • Smart Connect Dialog
    Enter FTP URLs, usernames, passwords and remote folders into the dialog and be connected within seconds.
  • Intelligent Auto Reconnect and Resume
    Automatically reconnects to a site if it gets kicked off. It will even resume broken transfers that were currently in progress when you were kicked.
  • Firewall Support
    Crystal FTP supports many different firewalls and is therefor compatible with a wide variety of setups and network arrangements. The firewall support includes SOCKS 4 and 5 and other widely used formats.
  • Smart Keep Alive feature
    Normally you will get kicked off an FTP site if you are inactive for just a moment. Not here! Crystal FTP supports an advanced technology to keep you online for as long as you want!
  • Supports 99% of all FTP servers on the Internet
    By using its highly optimized listing engine, Crystal FTP offers support for around 99% of all FTP servers on the Internet. If your FTP server is not supported, let us know and we will find a solution!
  • Transfer Queue
    Select multiple files from various FTP folders and queue them for later transfer. The queue may also be edited, saved and loaded.
  • Secure Deletion
    Crystal FTP can delete local files to the Recycle Bin rather than permanently deleting the files.
  • Lightning Fast Navigation
    By using a highly optimized file cache system, Crystal FTP makes it lightning fast for the user to browse local folders aswell as FTP folders.
  • Resume Downloading and Uploading
    Crystal FTP can resume incomplete files. This feature may become handy if you transfer large files or are on an unstable connection.
  • URL Clipboard Monitoring
    Connecting to an FTP server made as easy as copying an FTP URL in the clipboard.
  • Directory Comparison
    Local and remote folder contents can be compared based on various properties. Files that are different from each other will be highlighted. A perfect feature for maintaining a Web page.
  • Compatible Technology
    Compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Longhorn.
  • Much Much More
    Besides the listed features, Crystal FTP supports tons of other great features. Among those are a bandwidth meter, a favorites site manager, a history list of last used sites, various tools for changing properties on files and much much more.


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