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RIP3: The last Hero

Multiplayer LAN shoot game

a cool shoot game. multiplayer lan supported.

Would you like to play a shooter with your friends? Then let's play the first friendly shooter! The cruel dictator seized the magic power and keeps the entire planet under control! The boundaries between the worlds of livings and dead will blurred soon. We need friends to make the army and start the battle! That will be a real fight. The game has started. Make your part! Only friendly shooter equips you with:
Addicting gameplay – The content will be enough. For everyone.
Easy control system – Will help you to play really cool.
Hot Seat – Enjoy playing together with your friend.
Mixture of genres – Arcade and shooter become the best friends.
Noir comix style – Thrilling and colorific story.

In the middle of the 22nd century Earth was conquered by an unknown invader. With advanced technology and witchcraft as his weapons, the enemy seized the planet and declared himself dictator.One more step - and the boundaries between the worlds of living and dead will be blurred. We need friends to make the army and save the world. Start the battle! Play with friends! Multiplayer LAN is available now!


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Multiplayer LAN shoot game Multiplayer LAN shoot game Multiplayer LAN shoot game Multiplayer LAN shoot game

Key Features

  • 100 levels
  • 6 chilling characters
  • 25 kinds of weaponry
  • 9 types of military vehicles
  • 12 unique bosses
  • High Scores
  • Cooperative Mode
  • Flower Mode


Mouse + Keybord

Move: W - up, S – down, A - left, D - right or UP key - up, DOWN key - down, LEFT key - left, RIGHT key - right (necessary for Hotseat mode)
Aim: mouse
Shoot: first mode – left click, second mode – right click
Reload: click mouse wheel
Select weapon: mouse wheel or 1,2,3 buttons
Perk menu: Space
Pause: Esc

Keyboard only
Move: W - up, S – down, A - leftM, D - right
Aim (turn your gun): turn left - H key, turn right – K key
Shoot: first mode – J key, second mode – U key
Reload: R button
Select weapon: 1,2,3 buttons
Perk menu: Space
Pause: Esc
Multiplayer LAN shoote game

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
  • Memory: 256 MB
  • DirectX: 9.0
  • CPU: P 500


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