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The .gba file extension is a disk image file of Game Boy Advance ROM card. The Game Boy Advance is a popular hand held games console produced by Nintendo. To open .gba files a Game Boy Advance emulator such as Visual Boy Advance, BoycottAdvance will need to be installed. How to convert MPG to GBA, AVI to GBA? To solve these problems, you need a professional software to convert AVI, MPEG to GBA. With our recommended software, you can convert MPEG, AVI and MPG files to GBA video by yourself fast and easily!

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GBA Meteo software ca be used to convert MPG, MPEG and AVI (DivX) movies to .GBA format so that they can be viewed on Game Boy Advance and GBA SP. Of courese to et the movies into the GAMEBOY you wil need one of the lash Linkers and Flah Cards. Write the movie files to flash just lke you would write a gba game rom and play it on the road.

Convert Video Files (MPG, MPEG and AVI) to .gba movie files with Avi-2-GBA and METEO video codec!

Video file: File must be an AVI or MPEG1 video playable in Windows Media Player.

GBA ROM file: Any rom name you like, end with .gba.

ROM Name: Choose something descriptive if you use a menu loader.

Bitrate: Higher value = higher quality = bigger filesize. Around 100 gives a very nice quality, 40 average, 20 very compressed. Set the framerate to automatic for low bitrates. But for the highest possible compression you need to set the frame rate manually, see below for sweet spots. Even if you set the bitrate very low it won't go under 20kb/s in reality. Likewise even if you set it to a very high value it won't really go over 150-300kb/s depending on contents.

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GBA Converter Requirements:

Note that Meteo is capable of creating very large roms that emulators are not able to run, and even if the emulator is able to open it the sound or image might get cut off while playing the video. Keep size under 256mbit (32megabyte) to be safe.