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Convert M4V to MP4, M4P to MP3

How to convert iTunes DRM copy protected .m4p, .m4v file? Tunebite is the easy-to-use and top-user-rating iTunes DRM remove tool that help you remove DRM copy protection from iTunes muisc and video file by converting M4P to MP3, converting M4V to MP4. This guide describes how to remove DRM protection from iTunes legally and convert iTunes M4P to MP3, convert iTunes M4V to MP4 with Tunebite.

About Tunebite

convert itunes to mp3Tunebite - Record, capture, stream, download and convert Audio and Video from music, videos, audiobooks, movies and shows. Downloader for YouTube, MSN, Hulu and other RTMP-E video sites. Extract audio of YouTube videos into new music files. Records music from streams like Spotify. Solves problems with copy protection with music, audiobooks, videos and even HD movies. Converts audio and video for mobile devices like cell phones, iPhone, iPod etc.

Works with the follwing file formats at high quality: WMA (DRM copy-protected), MP3, M4P, M4B (DRM copy-protected). WMA, WMA Pro, MP2, OGG (Vorbis), MPEG-4, AAC, WAV, FLAC, AIFF (Apple), AC3 (Dolby Digital), AU (Sun Microsystems), WMV (DRM copy-protected), M4V (DRM copy-protected), MP4 (mpeg 4), WMV (wmv7 / wmv9), AVI, XVID, AVI, 3GP, 3ivx, MOV (Quick time), FLV (Flash Video), DV (Digital Video), H.264, RTMP-E and so on.

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Step-by-step how to download videos from Apple iTunes

convert iTunes M4V to MP4, convert iTunes M4P to MP3

Step1. Start Tunebite
Step2. Change to "Web" view.
Step3. Check "Detect internet media content".
Step4. In the section "convert to", select a profile with a suiting file format.
Step5. Open Apple.com/iTunes in any web browser.
Step6. Play on iTunes the video you like.
Step7. In Tunebite, an item for each played iTunes video will appear.
Step8. Mark the iTunes video item you want to download, and hit the "Record" button.
Step9. The iTunes video will be downloaded and converted, the progress is shown next to the items.
Step10. Export the iTunes video as file by simply dragging it to other applications or Windows Explorer.
Step11. The iTunes video file can be watched with the desired player on PC, iPhone, iPod, cell phone, xbox, psp, PS3 etc.

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