is the EASY way to create high-powered AJAX Applications.
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is the EASY way to create high-powered AJAX Applications with very little effort.

ezAJAX(tm) provides ColdFusion web developers with more than 10,000 lines of debugged cross-browser code they can use, reuse and redistribute to create stunning high-impact AJAX web apps with very little coding effort. The ezAJAX Community Edition Framework is an end-to-end Application Development Shell that provides a very rapid development environment for AJAX application developers. The AJAX Engine that is integrated into ezAJAX(tm) provides for server fail-over that allows the application to maintain control even when the server is not online. ezAJAX(tm) provides a robust error handling mechanism that reports all server errors to the appliction user using an integrated error handling system. Future releases will provide a way to those who wish to migrate into using ColdFusion do so by using the FREE ColdFusion Developer's Edition that is available separately from through the use of our proprietary AJAX-Connector technology. Future releases will also support stunning business charts and graphs that are rendered by the client browser using nothing more than JavaScript and DHTML. Future release will also support interactive game development that allow multiple players to interact with each other while they are playing games that were produced using ezAJAX(tm).


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Product Info

ezAJAX is the EASY way to create high-powered AJAX Applications with very little effort.

What makes ezAJAX so EASY?

We give you more than 15,000 lines of code that is already debugged and ready to use. Our entire Framework is one AJAX Sample App to which you make minor adjustments. All you need to do after installing ezAJAX is begin coding your application logic.

When it comes time for you to sell your AJAX Applications to 3rd parties we can provide you with Runtime Licenses that allow you to redistribute our Framework with your application logic. This gives you a clear advantage in the marketplace because you are able to easily produce Limited-Use Trial Apps that allow your potential customers to test-drive your applications before they make a purchase.

Let us do all the work for you!

More than 15,000 lines of Reusable JavaScript/ColdFusion MX 7 code. Best of all YOU can Redistribute the whole Reusable Framework with YOUR code using our powerful Runtime Licensing System that protects YOUR Intellectual Property Rights while making it easy for YOU to create Trial Editions of your Applications that can easily be made into Enterprise Editions simply by issuing a Runtime License using our ezLicenser™ product.

Work less ! Deploy more AJAX Applications in less time ! We do all the hard work for you ! You do very little work ! Save your boss time and money ! Get your AJAX Applications deployed in less time ! You begin every single project with 15,000 lines of code already written ! How long would it take you to write 15,000 lines of code ? It takes less than 2 minutes to install this product and begin using it.

Key Features

  • 7900+ Lines of Robust Reusable ColdFusion Code you can Redistribute with YOUR Application.
  • 15,000+ Lines of Robust Reusable JavaScript Code you can Redistribute with YOUR Application.
  • Runtime Licensing System - allows Trialware to be easily created.
    ezLicenser™ System - allows you to easily create and distribute Runtime Licenses for your 3rd party customers.
  • ezCompiler™ System - allows you to easily create "compiled" obfuscated JavaScript payloads for your code using our unique "secure" JavaScript compiler.
  • The ezAJAX Engine provides support for using Hidden <IFRAME> AND XmlHttpRequest AND Cross-Domain AJAX dynamically and interchangeably.
  • The ezAJAX Engine provides support for Cross-Domain JSON with native support for all Yahoo Web 2.0 API's.
  • The ezAJAX Engine automatically uses Hidden <IFRAME> OR XmlHttpRequest based on the client browser type.
  • The ezAJAX Engine allows Hidden <IFRAME> OR XmlHttpRequest OR Cross-Domain JSON to be used based on the programmer's preferences.
  • Our AJAX Engine provides support for using GET AND POST methods dynamically and interchangeably. (Cross-Domain AJAX is limited to the GET method only.)
  • The ezAJAX Engine automatically uses GET OR POST method based on the amount of data being sent to the server. (Cross-Domain AJAX is limited to the GET method only.)
  • The ezAJAX Engine automatically handles and reports ColdFusion Errors for AJAX Server Commands.
  • The ezAJAX Engine automatically allows one ColdFusion Query Object to be returned from the AJAX Server, Community Edition only. The Enterprise Edition is not limited to returning only one ColdFusion Query Object from the AJAX Server.
  • The ezAJAX Engine handles Server-Side errors such as the server being down with automatic failover to a Call-Back function to allow the client to respond to this type of error in a graceful manner. (This allows for easy deployment of a web server cluster with no hassles in how the cluster is organized.)
  • The ezAJAX Engine handles Client-Side JavaScript errors in a graceful manner - this reduces your coding effort by allowing you as the developer to focus on correcting errors before your code is deployed.
  • The ezAJAX Engine automatically creates Server Command CFC Stubs - this reduces your coding effort by allowing you as the developer to focus on coding your application logic rather than Framework infrastructure.
  • The ezAJAX JavaScript API supports the ability to cache ColdFusion Query Objects that are returned from the server. Cached Query Objects can be queried from the client using our unique client based JavaScript API.
  • The ezAJAX server automatically interfaces with our AJAX Engine running on the client regardless of which options or features are being used by the programmer.
  • The ezAJAX API provides more than 1 MegaByte of compiled ColdFusion MX 7 code you can reuse and redistribute. This allows you to focus entirely on your Application Logic without having to think about how AJAX works.
  • The ezAJAX API fully supports the <cfquery> tag for both SQL DBMS Queries and Query of Queries with automatic error recovery and automatic error reporting.


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