Integrate & improve the performance of IIS +TomCat server.
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Integrate & improve the performance of your IIS +TomCat server with "JSP isapi Speed Kit".

JspISAPI is developed by NeuroSpeech, it is an ISAPI dll which runs under IIS 4.0 onwards to tunnel java/tomcat requests to Tomcat web server running on same machine.

Bridge Software between IIS WebServer and Tomcat WebServer to enable various cross platform ERP, CRM systems to co exist, used by US Government Websites, AT & T, Boeing.

Integrate IIS server with Tomcat, No Hassle , Easy Way.
300% Speed improvement of Tomcat server.
"Zero" Manual Hardcoding of URLs with Port nos. Required.
Use same SSL for IIS and Tomcat.
Reduced Load on Tomcat, since IIS delivers the Static Contents.
20% better memory utilization of Tomcat Websites.
100% - 2500% Better Search Engine Ranking Possible ( more for more websites)
One Log File for Entire Websites in IIS & Tomcat ( Easy to Monitor statistics)
Modify Jsp Files with FrontPage Server Extension and WebDAV.


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Disadvantages of running Tomcat/JRun on 8080 port

  • Usage of absolute URLs everywhere in your application.
  • You have to be careful to put port numbers.
  • Poor Search Engine Listing - Read in Detail.
  • Setting up SSL on Tomcat is very difficult, requires manual work.
  • Difficult to analyz log of Tomcat, as no web log analyzer is compatible with Tomcat as good Ad with IIS.
  • Since Tomcat runs on Java Virtual Machine, it requires more memory and more processor time then IIS for even static things like images and static HTML files, which IIS delivers with HTTP compression and many other caching features.
  • Some proxy servers in corporates do not allow any HTTP requests other then port 80 and SSL port (443), there people can not access your website.
  • No process throttling or bandwidth throttling for Tomcat.

Benefits of Running Jsp Through IIS with "Jsp ISAPI Kit"

  • No 8080 port specification in addresses. Zero hardcoding or URLs on ports.
  • HTTP Keep Alive for Jsp, improves network performance.
  • 300% performance. Less load on Tomcat webserver since images and other static pages are delivered by IIS server.
  • No Manual Configuration Required.
  • One site certificate (SSL certificate) applied to IIS will work for Jsp as well, without paying more or on figuring tomcat for SSL.
  • Setting up Tomcat for SSL is very cumbersome work, plus it puts huge load on the ystem.
  • Measure bandwidth, access of users by IIS statistics You can block ports other then 80 on your web server, making your web server safer from attacks.
  • You can throttle bandwidth for perticular website through IIS, you can also throttle website's processor usage in IIS, that will control processor usage by Tomcat.
  • Use FrontPage Extension Server or WebDAV for Jsp Files.


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