MySpace Friend Adder for add friends into MySpace account.
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Easy Adder - MySpace Friend Adder

is the wonderful MySpace Friend Adder tool to help promote your band, market your product and services, or even run for office.

Easy Adder - MySpace Friend Adder is the ultimate MySpace tool to help promote your band, market your product and services, or even run for office. The MySpace Friend Adder automates the daunting task of adding friends, sending messages, leaving comments or posting bulletins. The tool is very intuitive so you can start unlocking the MySpace marketing potential right away. Some of it's features include: CAPTCHA alert, the ability to extract profiles or perform searches based on looks and lifestyle, or band profiles.


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Key Features

  • The affordable MySpace Friend Adder
    Add hundreds to even thousands of Myspace friends! Easy Adder allows you to easily add friends into your MySpace account. You can extract friends from other MySpace profiles & MySpace groups! You can also add friends based on age, gender, location, and more! You can even search for your favorite bands based on genre, country, state, zip code, soundle like or keyword.
  • Bypass image verification!
    No need to enter image verification codes also known as CAPTCHA. Easy adder will handle any CAPTCHA request that it encounters when sending friend requests.
  • Send personlized comments and messages!
    Names can be extracted from profile IDs and automatically inserted into the body of your message or comment to give a much more personlized feel.
  • Auto Accept Friend Requests and send them a comment.
  • Schedule bulletins to be posted!
    Bulletins can be automatically posted every X number of minutes, hours, or days while you continue to work on adding friends or sending messages.
  • Send Group/Event invitations!
    Broadcast event and group invitations to all of your friends in your network with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Use with unlimited MySpace accounts!
    Feel free to use Easy Adder with one or any number of MySpace accounts you might have. Sending friend requests and messages from multiple accounts increases your exposure.
  • Import and export a list of friend IDs!
    Quickly save and load a list of profiles that you want to send friend requests or a message to without having to search for the same IDs.
  • Link or "Chain" multiple accounts together!
    Easy Adder allows you to send messages from any number of accounts with an "Add to friends" button that's linked to your Primary account so you can exceed the 400 friends a day limit imposed by MySpace.
  • Set thresholds for the last login time!
    This unique feature lets you avoid sending friend requests to users that haven't logged in for the last X number of days.
  • Human emulation!
    Easy adder has the ability to randomly sleep between actions and internally clicks links and submits forms as if a real person was doing it, thus reducing the chances of having your account deleted.


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