Create CGI scripts to process the forms on your website.
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Visual Form Mail

Web FormMail CGI Scripts that: Validate User Input - Save Data to a Text File - Send Custom Email Messages - Display Custom HTML Output to the User.

Visual Form Mail Professional makes it easy to create custom form handler CGI scripts for your website. You can create scripts that validate information entered by users, save data to a log file on your server, send up to 5 email messags, and display a completely customized confirmation page to the user. Visual Form Mail provides an easy to use Wizard interface: you never need to write code, and the scripts created are secure from hijacking by spammers.


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Key Features

  • Create Powerful FormMail / CGI Scripts without Programming
    • Visual Form Mail lets anyone who can use an HTML editor create powerful custom CGI scripts to process HTML forms. The easy-to-use wizard interface requires absolutely no knowledge of programming.
    • Start with any HTML form created with your favorite editor (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.). Then start Visual Form Mail and simply point and click to create your custom CGI script. Finally, upload your script to your webserver in the same way you upload your HTML files.
  • Powerful Features and Strong Security for your web forms
    • Visual FormMail lets you easily create CGI scripts that go far beyond simply collecting data from your web form and emailing it to you.
    • You can do sophisticated validation to insure visitors to your website enter the correct data, send custom email messages, such as a personalized "thank you" to the person who filled out the form, display a customized confirmation page which includes some or all of the information entered by the visitor and much more!
    • Visual Form Mail can give you a professional look and feel that matches the design of your website. You'll get the same result you could get by hiring a professional web programmer and paying up to $100 per hour to have custom scripts developed.
    • The CGI scripts created by Visual Form Mail have built-in security features and are designed to prevent misuse or "hijacking" by spammers (see the box on the right).
  • A Completely Free Standard Version and a Feature-packed Professional Version
    • Visual Form Mail Standard is a completely free download (only 850KB). The software is fully functional and there are no time limits.
    • For more power, you can purchase Visual Form Mail Professional, which includes a variety of additional features including more customized error messages, the ability to send more email messages, email messages in HTML format as well as plain text, and the ability to save data to a file on your web server.


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