Copy iPhone SMS to pc, transfer SMS from iPhone to computer.
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The Apple iPhone is expected to be announced in the coming year. It will be an iPod capable phone and many expect the official product name to be the iPhone. The Apple iPhone will double as both a cellphone and iPod allowing you to store music from your iTunes library on your iPhone.


Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS

All iPhone users can't backup the SMS to anywhere until the SMS box is full, then you have to delete all of them to prevent iPhone rejecting new SMS receiving. With Tansee iPhone SMS Transfer, you can transfer the iPhone SMS to computer as a txt file or a ANTS file before the event above happens.

Before the transfer, you can choose to transfer from all contacts or a single contact, further more, you can choose transfer the SMS to a TXT file or a ANTS file. In ANTS file condition, you can protect the file with a password to keep your privacy.

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Key Features

  • Backup SMS in iPhone to computer before iPhone reject receiving new SMS.
  • View and Manage old iPhone SMS in your computer.
  • View SMS in Text file format (.txt file) or ANTS file format (.ants file) on PC.
  • Password protection support (ANTS file only).

Step by Step guide to backup SMS from iPhone to computer

Step 1: Download the iPhone Transfer SMS Here, then install the software (skip if done yet).

Step 2: Connect iPhone to your computer.

Step 3: Launch the Copy SMS from iPhone to PC software, the SMS contacts info will display as shown in your iPhone screen automatically as fig 1. Click on certain contact, all SMS records from him/she will display as fig 2 shown.



Step 4.1: In fig 1 situation, you can click button "Copy ALL SMS" to copy sms from all iPhone contact, then select options:
1: Choose File Type: back up to TXT file or ANTS file;
2: Choose File Path: where to store the backup file, do nothing if you choose default path;
3: Advanced Option: if you choose ANTS format in step 1, you can add a password to protect the file.
Click OK Button to finish the Copy. See fig 3.


Step 4.2: In fig 2 situation, click button "Copy SMS From who" to copy sms from a single contact, select options:
1: Choose File Type: You can only select TXT file formay in single contact sms transfer;
2: Choose File Path: where to store the backup file, do nothing if you choose default path;
3: Advanced Option: Disabled in single contact sms transfer.
Click OK Button to finish the Copy. See fig 4.



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