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Video to GIF/JPEG Converter

Video Capture to JPEG, WMV/AVI/ASF/MPEG to Amination GIF convert, DV/DVD/CD Amination Thumb Maker.

Video to GIF/JPEG Converter is a powerful software from MiniHttp Inc that specializes in create amination GIF. Video to GIF Converter is the professional video converter that convert AVI to GIF, AVI to JPEG, MPEG to GIF, MPEG to JPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV or QuickTime into amination GIF or JPEG file. With a very easy to use interface you can split a AVI file and save it into GIF. You also may change the size/rate/colors and corp the output GIF file. A fully functional trial version of Video-AVI to GIF Converter is readly to download.

Video to GIF/JPEG Converter is a great tool to capture selected frames of the video file and save them to GIF or JPEG formats. It also create animate thumb cover for your DVD/VCD/DV. Video GIF/JPEG converter supports MPEG-MPG-MPA/MOV/WMV/AVI/ASF/DivX.


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Key Features

  • Convert AVI to GIF, AVI to JPEG, MPEG to GIF, MPEG to JPEG and more
  • RoundRect Box
  • Crop Frames
  • Easy to use
  • Capture next 5 frames
  • Amination GIF
  • WMV/ASF/MPEG/AVI support
  • FPS rate change
  • Size Change
  • Frames remove

Video-AvI to GIF converter Help

This is a software to help you convert AVI to GIF, AVI to JPEG, MPEG to GIF, MPEG to JPEG files, it capture the fremes from playing video, you may change the Brightness/Rate/Size for the output file.

Step to step:

Capture a single frame from video file

  • 1. [Open] the video file
  • 2. Point the video frame via track bar on the buttom of media player
  • 3. Click [Capture Frame] on [Capture Single Frame (JPEG)] panel
  • 4. 5 frames have been captured, you may choose which one you want to save

Capture multi-frames from video file

  • 1. [Open] the video file
  • 2. Point the video frame via track bar on the buttom of media player
  • 3. Click [Capture Frames] on [Capture Frames (Animation GIG)] panel
  • 4. Frames have been captured with in thumbs list box
  • 5. Click [Make GIF] to make the gif file


Video to GIF Converter provides real-time and step-frame modes for capturing video sequences.

Real-time capture:
Real-time capture of video images demands a fast computer and hard disk. A video source for real-time capture (stream media file such as ASF/WMV) provides an uninterrupted stream of information to the display card. The display card copies each frame of the video sequence and transfers it to the hard disk before the next frame of data enters the capture hardware. Each video frame contains one image. If the system lags during capture, frames of video data are lost.

Step-frame capture:
Step-frame capture collects video frames from a video sequence in a series of steps, capturing frames one at a time, typically from a paused video device. Step-frame capture causes the video source to pause as it collects each image. If an audio source is also selected, the capture mode rewinds the media in the video source and collects audio data as the video source plays a second time. You can perform step-frame capture manually, advancing the video source by using the controls on the video device. Video to GIF/JPEG Converter provides automatic step-frame capture for video file.

FAQ: When opening a video clip , I get a black window and I get an access violation. The clip never opens.

This problem has been reported with video clips having AC3-encoded audio. The fix consists to install this free AC3 codec, compatible with Video to GIF/JPEG.

Some video file needs add-ons codes to open it, If you got 'pins are not connected' message, please download and install


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