Rip WM stream from online radio stations and saving it to hd.
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WM Recorder

is a multi-award winning Windows Media Recorder that records online streams via HTTP, WM-RTSP, and MMS protocols. Record Streaming Windows Media, Video and Audio Easily.

WM Downloader is a Windows Media and MP3 Stream Recorder/Ripper/Grabber (not direct sound recording program), which makes it easy to download Windows Video, Windows Audio, SHOUTcast and Icecast streams. And it divides the received stream into individual sections automatically. The WM Recorder enables to record streaming video and audio streams in formats like .PLS, .M3U, .ASF, . ASX, . WMA, .WMV, .WPL, .WAX, .WVX, and .WMX by the following protocols: HTTP, Windows Media's RTSP, and MMS. It's user interface is easy to navigate.


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Key Features

  • A Windows Media, Audio and Video Recorder
    Windows Media Recorder can capture live Windows Audio and Windows Video streams via WM-RTSP, MMS and HTTP protocols. As WM Downloader downloads streams directly, so you don't need to worry about the output file's quality.
  • Download Winamp SHOUTcast streams
    If you want to rip music from SHOUTcast streams, just copy the text from Internet Explorers Address bar and paste it in WM Downloader's loading screen. The WM Recorder will get the stream's link automatically.
  • Automatically parse streaming script such as .pls, .m3u, .asx, .wpl, .wax, .wvx, .wmx to acquire real URLs
    When loading .pls, .m3u, .asx, .wpl, .wax, .wvx or .wmx file, WM Downloader will get the direct stream link and load it for you.
  • Split songs by file's size automatically
    When the size of the output file exceeds the defined quota, it will generate another file automatically.
  • Split songs by the duration automatically
    When the duration of the output song exceeds the defined quota, it will generate another file automatically.
  • Split and name songs by stream's title automatically
    When the title changed, it will generate another file automatically. The WM Recorder records music or talk from the internet to your hard drive as individual high-quality MP3 files and automatically adds key information, including artist and title, so you can easily manage your music. Keep the songs you like, arranged just the way you like them. Soon you're ready to enjoy your new collection at home or on the go!
  • Ability to skip files already existed
    Maybe you have downloaded a portion of files in one directory, select this setting to avoid downloading same files once more.
  • An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    Just click "load" button to load one or more files, and Click "Start" button to start one conversion. That's all.
  • Free drag and drop features
    Drag one or more audio files and drop them on the WM Recorder's GUI, then click "Start" button to start ripping.
  • Use multi-threads to download file for HTTP to significantly reduce the time of downloads
    If you want to download file for HTTP, just paste the URL in WM Downloader's loading screen. The WM Recorder will start six threads to download your file.
  • Ability to shut down your computer automatically after ripping
    This function is very useful when you download large file. Just start downloading, and everything will be ok next morning. It's a green function.
  • Powerful Command Lines
    As an advanced user, you can use the command lines do what you want to do. Click 'i' button, and select 'Command Line' menu item to view the help file.
  • A schedule, which allow you to record online streaming music at any time
    Click 'i' button, and select 'Schedule' menu item. A dialog will pop up.
  • A skin strategy, which allow you to change the way your ripper looks by changing its skin
    Click 'i' button, and select one skin from 'Skins' submenu.
  • A log file, which makes it available to check WM Downloader's record
    Go to the directory which ripper installed, and try to find "WMDownloader.log" file. Then open this file with notepad.exe.

Related Software

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