A real mp3 editor. Not just a tag editor or silence trimmer
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MP3 Frame Editor

Edit your mp3's without having to decode them and then encode to mp3 again.

Finally, a real MP3 editor. Not just a tag editor or silence trimmer. This editor really lets you edit mp3 files without decoding and encoding them (loss of quality). If you collect mp3's from the unreliable sources such as the internet you should have a utility like this to fix them.

Do your mp3's have too high or low volume, improper balance, or large parts of silence or noise at ends? Yes, you could edit them using one of many wav editing tools, but in the process of decoding and encoding back to mp3 you lose sound quality. Well, perhaps your troubles are over now, since mp3 Frame Editor edits mp3 files without decompression and compression. This editor doesn't have fancy function like other sounds editing programs (equilizer, echo, effect this, effect that), but it enables you to do basic operations, sufficient for great majority of users.

What can this program do? It lets you copy, paste, & delete (or cut or trim) blocks inside mp3 file. It also lets you adjust volume & balance of the whole file or just the selected part. It has fade in, fade out, and insert silence functions. Splitting a file or inserting a file is also possible. You can also use this editor to view and remove (not edit) id3v1 and id3v2 mp3 tags (as well as some other types).

MP3 Frame Editor is cheap shareware. For just $15 you get 3 of my audio utilities (this one, mp3 Frame Remover and mp3 List Maker De Luhe). You can download the free version from the bottom of this page. It will work just like the registered one but will expire after 50 files are saved.


Get Full Version Only $15.00  
Receive information electronically about registration code and downloading immediately after ordering! 30-day Money Back Guarantee and Free technial supports within 24 hours.

Key Features

  • File menu:
    Use open, save as and reopen to load, save, or reload a previously loaded file (undo all changes). You can use load, save as, and reload buttons as well.
  • Edit menu:
    Use it, or respective buttons, to access the following functions: copy, paste, cut, delete, select all, unselect, undo, volume & balance change and fade in/out.
  • Options menu:
    Mp3 files are composed of certain number of independent frames. Frame size depends mostly on sampling frequency and kilobit per second rate (usually 128 to 256 kbps). Sometimes, mp3 files contain invalid frames, or non-sound data between frames. You can use the options menu to instruct the program to: never process invalid files, always try to process invalid files, or prompt you if it should process a specific file. Options menu also lets you decide if you want copied block to be pasted after the cursor or before it (in case you haven't marked multiple frames selection). Finally, you can choose to automatically select all when you load a mp3.
  • Play and About menus:
    Use them to play source and target (saved) file and to read some info about the program. Play commands call external registered player for mp3 file type, just like when you click a mp3 filename in windows explorer. Means that if you don't have a player for mp3 files, Frame Editor will not play them!
  • View buttons:
    You can inspect both header (ID3v2) and footer (ID3v1) tags using view buttons.
  • Remove tags and RIFF header checkboxes:
    Use them if you wish to clear your mp3's of these unnecessary things.
  • Position controls:
    Use them to position cursors. If you use just left textbox and arrows buttons, you will position red cursor. At this point just one frame is selected. If you use right textbox and arrows buttons, you will position green cursor, which means that you will select frames between (including both) cursors. Now you may use copy, cut, delete & fade in/out functions. Note that you don't have to use textboxes and arrows buttons to position cursors. You can also use your mouse. Left click on the image where frames are displayed (or slightly below) will position red cursor, while right click will mark selection (position green cursor). Shift pressed with left mouse click will have the same effect as right mouse click. Use scrollbar to travel between distant parts of your mp3 files. Click on arrows on sides of the scrollbar to advance one frame, or click on the scrollbar left or right from the button to advance one page in that direction.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98 or later
  • A pentium 2 or better
  • Least 64 Mb of memory and 800x600 screen resolution (in high/true color)


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