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Binary Boy Newsreader

is a yEnc and NZB compliant newsreader with many features that make newsgroup downloading easy. Assign custom search rules, folders and settings to each newsgroup.

Binary Boy is a yEnc and NZB compliant Usenet newsreader that makes newsgroup downloading fast and convenient. Downloading a file is as easy as a double-click. Downloading all similar files, such as a complete RAR set, takes only two clicks. Binary Boy handles the details, such as retrying after a dropped connection.


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Key Features

  • Preview Movies and Music
    Even when a file is incomplete, you can still download it for possible viewing. If you later download the missing pieces from different newsgroups or from a different news server, the Binary Boy newsreader will automatically detect that the file is complete and assemble it for you.
    If you can't find all the pieces, you can attempt to create a playable file by gluing together the available parts with a feature called Dr. Binary. You can also preview movies and music. Start the download, press Alt-D and select one of the downloaded parts. The Binary Boy newsreader will send the file to the default download folder where you can view it.
  • Automate Searches
    Sometimes you may not want to browse at all but instead allow the newsreader to perform unattended downloads based on your search criteria. You can even download while you sleep and wake up to a hard drive full of files. The scheduler can start a search at a specified time, such as late at night, and can stop after an optional time limit. This is especially useful if you have a bad connection or a slow news server. The Binary Boy newsreader will deal with the disconnects and the slow downloads so you don't have to.
  • Don't Worry About Bad Connections
    Fault tolerance is essential for automated downloads, but even when browsing manually you can request a file and walk away while the newsreader handles lost connections and other errors. If you request a file and the news server disconnects, the newsreader will repeatedly retry until the download is finished. If you're on a dial-up line, Binary Boy will even dial the modem and re-establish the Internet connection.
  • Easily Organize Files
    Binary Boy users quickly collect thousands of movies, music files and pictures. To help you stay organized, the newsreader can drop files from each newsgroup into separate folders based on the newsgroup name or in a custom folder you assign to each newsgroup. You can even have multiple newsgroups share a single folder. In all cases, you do not have to create the folders ahead of time. Binary Boy will create the folders as needed.
    If you're browsing a newsgroup and see a group of related files, such as several songs from the same artist, you can easily download them to a folder with the Download To... command. Select the files, right-click to bring up the menu, click "Download To..." and enter the folder name. Binary Boy will create the folder if it doesn't exist and store each of the selected files there.
  • Filter on Almost Anything
    There's a lot of entertaining content on Usenet newsgroups, but there's also a lot of junk. You can block some of it with Binary Boy's extensive filtering options. Block files based on the size, number of parts, completeness or number of crossposts. You can also create rules to filter based on the author, the filename or any line in the article header.
    A few Usenet search sites have been developed recently that return search results as NZB files. Binary Boy is fully NZB compatible. From the Binary Boy queue, you can load an NZB file directly and download the referenced files just as if you had performed a search within the newsreader.


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