Downloading LARGE files like MP3, RAR, and ZIP from usenet.
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designed from the ground up for download LARGE files like MP3, RAR, and ZIP from usenet.

Meet NewsShark, designed from the ground up for downloading LARGE files like MP3, RAR, and ZIP from usenet. Superior mission-specific features like partial file preview that will download/decode/play the first segment of a MP3 or MPG with just a double-click and Emergency Restart that automatically resumes interrupted downloads without starting over. This new release is faster and more reliable -- if you download from usenet, you want NewsShark.


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Key Features

  • Emergency Restart
    Automatic restart and resume batch download if news server error, timeout, etc.
    Ever set up a 50MB download and gone to sleep, only to find you only got the first file before your news server had some silly error and your download stopped? With this feature (which also works with any auto-reconnect util) you can depend on NewsShark to do whatever it takes to keep that download going (even if you are asleep).
  • Multipart Resume
    Automatic multipart resume feature can restart a download at the part it left off instead of downloading all the parts again.
    Why bother downloading the whole post again? NewsShark caches parts to disk (until they are decoded), and if a download interruption occurs, you will only lose how much ever you had of the current part.
  • Partial-File Preview (formerly MP3 Preview)
    Just double-click on a MP3 or MPG post to download/decode/play the first segment. (You can preview any filetype via a right-mouse button menu.)
  • View Filters
    Toggle filters let you view any combination of complete articles, incomplete, text, or unknown posts.
  • Auto-Expire
    Auto-expire feature keeps your saved headers trimmed to parallel what is on the server.
  • Find
    Find feature lets you quickly view only specific headers.
  • Supports all popular encoding types
    yEnc Supported!
    Can decode yEnc, UUEncode, XXEncode, MIME Base64, and BinHex encoding.


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