Flashing holiday lights for your Windows desktop.
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Twinkle Bulbs

Decorate your desktop with flashing holiday lights and select from hundreds of options, including bulb style, color, flashing rate and mode, background music, desktop wallpaper and more.

Twinkle Bulbs is the ultimate holiday desktop accessory! Place flashing holiday lights on or around your computer screen, select your favorite bulb sets and colors, configure flashing mode and rate and more! Decorate your desktop with flashing holiday lights and select from hundreds of options, including bulb style, color, flashing rate and mode, background music, desktop wallpaper and more! Includes over 200 bulb sets plus an editor so you can make your own. Background music player can play MP3, WAV and MIDI music formats. Configure the wallpaper changer to cycle your wallpaper. Not just for the holiday season - this software program can put you in a festive mood all year long!


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Features and Benefits

  • Flashing holiday lights on your desktop
    Twinkle Bulbs allows you to decorate your Windows desktop with customized holiday lights. String these on or around your desktop (multiple monitors are supported) for any holiday or occasion. Use the standard bulbs or choose from one of several-hundred additional bulb sets.
  • Decorate your Windows desktop!
    String the bulbs on top or around your desktop, and configure bulbs to draw on the desktop or on top of other application windows! Pick color and flashing options (or no flashing if that annoys you). Customizing your desktop has never been so much fun!
  • Choose from over 200 bulb sets and create your own!
    The CD-ROM version now contains 230 different bulb sets for all occasions. As we develop more bulb sets, we will make them available for download. Since the bulb sets have been designed as plug-in extensions of Twinkle Bulbs, additional bulb sets can be added by copying them into the Twinkle Bulbs installation. With new tools on the CD-ROM you can also create your own bulb sets!
  • New utilities
    On the CD-ROM, there are utilities to make using Twinkle Bulbs even better! There is an updated Bulb Set Selector and new Bulb Set Builder tools to make Twinkle Bulbs more customized. In addition, we have put a new advent calendar on the CD-ROM, so you can open doors until Christmas! Note that these tools are ONLY available on the CD-ROM.
  • Not just for Christmas
    Twinkle Bulbs has support for many holidays, and we are continually adding bulb sets and new ideas. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, or are a Scrooge at heart, there are many other bulb sets (flags, animals, plants, valentines, birthdays, etc.) to brighten your computing environment.
  • Program a musical jukebox!
    Twinkle Bulbs can be configured to repeatedly play any or all of the music files in a specified directory. Songs can be played sequentially, randomly or only be played when the screen saver starts. There is even a way to set a delay time so you can have silence between songs. Twinkle Bulbs now supports WAV and MP3 files in addition to the MIDI format.
  • Snowfall and wallpaper image screen savers and more!
    The falling snow screen saver is the one that receives the most attention, but you will also enjoy the others that come with Twinkle Bulbs. We are working on developing new ones too. There is also a programmer's toolkit, so if you are a programmer and know C/C++ you can build your own!
  • Change your desktop wallpaper!
    Tired of looking at the same old Windows desktop? Twinkle Bulbs can change the wallpaper for you! Program the wallpaper changer to change throughout your day to keep your work space more interesting. The CD-ROM now contains 130+ desktop wallpaper images!
  • Fully configurable
    You will be amazed at all the configuration settings in Twinkle Bulbs. While it may be overwhelming at first, you will learn to enjoy the flexibility you have in customizing your desktop!


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