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Parallaxis Cuckoo Clock
The only real desktop time clock software. Create the look and feel of an old-fashioned Cuckoo Clock on the desktop of your PC. Parallaxis Cuckoo Clock supports plug-ins, skins, atomic clock synchronization (via NNTP protocol) and all the standard features of similar time-management utilities!

Instant Theme Creator
Make desktop themes perfectly every time! Totally faultless, instant desktop theme creation software.

PocketPC Media Package
1 custom skin for Windows Media Player Mobile
11 Today Screen themes, featuring luxurious car models
11 Today Screen themes, featuring exotic hollyday destinations

Win Matrix XP
The best matrix wallpaper replacement for your desktop theme that show different matrix effects (including flowing matrix codes from 'The Matrix' movie) on your desktop wallpaper.

Angels Web Solutions Desktop Alarm Clock
An alarm clock that appears on your desktop, and rings every hour with grandfather clock chimes, also displays the current time, date, a bible verse, with 5 different backgrounds (skins).

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Screensaver Maker
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Parallaxis Cuckoo Clock
Instant Theme Creator
PocketPC Media Package
Win Matrix XP
Angels Web Solutions Desktop Alarm Clock



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