Helps to improve your application performance and speed.
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MemTurbo 4

A highly acclaimed and powerful application to achieve advanced memory optimization along with resource and cache management of files.

MemTurbo 4 is a highly acclaimed and powerful application that can optimize memory and manage your computer's cache. Your applications will be able to use memory without forcing Windows to go to the hard drive. This can lead to an increase in an application's performance, lowering the application's response time.

Increase your computer applications memory today to save time and money. Why spend thousands of dollars on a new PC when MemTurbo has the ability to make better use of your computers memory resources? Memory upgrades may become unnecessary when you can optimize the performance of physical memory you already have!

MemTurbo allows you to fine-tune your Windows system. MemTurbo can help your programs run faster by optimizing processor scheduling, allocating more critical threads, tuning idle programs and temporarily disabling swapping of operating system components to hard drive.


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Key Features

  • Helps to improve your application performance and speed.
  • Helps to optimize the performance of physical memory you already have.
  • Helps reclaim lost memory resources and put them to better use.
  • Helps to recovers RAM leaks from poorly behaved applications.
  • Helps to manage system memory, the paging file and virtual memory.
  • The new Task Manager helps you monitor the running processes.
  • Gaming: Helps support better graphic displays and performance of applications.

What's New in Version 4

  • New Cache Optimization Techniques
    Fine-tune Windows with the all-new Cache Tuner! Help make your system faster by defining cache sizes and allocating more critical threads.
  • MemTurbo Engine
    Help tackle memory problems with the new MemTurbo engine. The engine is automatically activated when the system memory falls below a safe level. It helps repair memory leaks from poorly behaved applications, reclaiming wasted memory.
  • PC Tuner for Better Tweaks
    Optimize processor scheduling to prioritize tasks for optimum performance. Adjust cache sizes for icons and even disable the updating of timestamps for latest access times! (For Win NT/2000/XP/2003 users)
  • Another new addition, the Task Manager
    Manage all your Windows processes quickly and easily using the Task Manager! Launch tasks or terminate them instantly and conveniently.

General Key Benefits

  • Get faster Windows functionality
    MemTurbo allows you fine-tune your Windows system. It helps your system run faster by optimizing processor scheduling, allocating more critical threads, tuning idle programs and temporarily disabling swapping of operating system components to hard drive.
  • Clear and easy display of memory resources
    You can check the status of physical and virtual memory in real time. The memory statistics include used and available memory. Both are presented graphically and numerically.
  • Control processes with Task Manager
    The new Task Manager lets you monitor the running processes. You can end a running task, set priorities, or invoke new programs.
  • Effective utilization of memory resources
    The built-in MemTurbo engine manages free memory that is available to run programs. It prevents performance from degrading as files and programs are swapped in and out of memory.
  • Manage allocation of system memory resources
    MemTurbo can be set to run in your system tray to automatically provide better resource allocation. However, you can optimize the resources manually by defragging and recovering memory leaks whenever you wish to do so.
  • CPU Rocket and RAM Tuner Technology
    MemTurbo includes CPU Rocket and RAM Tuner technologies which fine-tune your memory allocation and processor optimization to the most active applications. This focuses the power of your computer directly on the programs you use most, maximizing your computer's performance.
  • Temporary removal of unused files
    Sometimes applications load files that are intermittently used by them. MemTurbo safely removes these files out to the system paging file, freeing up the RAM to improve performance. While in this state, they are immediately and transparently reloaded if needed.

Key Benefits for Gamers

  • No slow down after optimization
    MemTurbo is designed to optimize the performance of your computer while you are running games. It tweaks and modifies various Windows cache management, its settings and manages the process priorities to balance CPU usage. This is performed between all running applications.
  • Automatic cache management
    MemTurbo can be configured precisely to suit your needs. MemTurbo runs in the background to help reclaim wasted memory on your computer. It guards the allocation of memory resources through its unique high performance the cache management technique. Using this technique, it has the ability to dynamically allocate the cache depending upon the size of memory.
  • A small footprint in memory
    MemTurbo takes up a small space of memory when it runs in the background. It takes care of your memory resources by residing in the system tray, efficiently allocating the memory to be running current or newly added applications. It continues to show the memory that is available, providing you with a status update.

Key Benefits for Home Users

  • High Performance Engine for Cache Management
    Dynamic cache is optimized by memory. Cache size is set to the maximum, based on free memory that's available.
  • Occupies a Small Space in Memory
    MemTurbo is an easy to use, light application that takes up little space in the systems memory. It doesn't take up unnecessary RAM.


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